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The cup already has an owner. Let's see if the winners can maintiain the crown, or if we will be crowning a new winner!

el copo | Cannabis Cup 2017

“After seeing that, in 2016, our dream became a reality, we will strive to offer an even better experience for everyone.”

Omero, El Farmero

Cannabis Cups, without a doubt, have become the epicenter and focal point of recognition to cultivators worldwide. There are many cups in many places around the globe. In South America, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile are recognized as the founders in the Latin American Cannabis industry. These are well known for their events and cups which recognize and include local farmers within their industry. However, Colombia is becoming better known and obtaining popularity based on the quality of their local growers. El Copo Cannabis Cup marked a before and an after in the Colombian Cannabis culture and, once again, is set to promote and push the great effort and work performed nationally, proving a platform for those who wish to grow their passion.

Inside of the cannabis scene, one of the mayor players is the farmer who is the passionate person that dedicates a great portion of their life to establishing and taking care of the garden. The cannabis crop takes much more than just soil, water, and love. This is where a difference is noted between a novice grower, a farmer, and a professional. This space is specific to determining your level as a farmer. It is you who are the industry pillars that is currently in stages of development. Your knowledge and dedication will be what determines the national cannabis quality. Our mission is and will always be to recognize those that are the best.

The bud, the main character in this cup, is how we call the fruit of the cannabis plant. It is known as the flower, the heart, that beautiful and perfectly dried and cured result that produces aromas and deploys its flavonoids and terpenes that leave our fingers sticky and full of resin with a simple touch. During the second edition of the cup, let’s show the entire world the beautiful fruit that impressed our judges and the farmers in attendance. We are anxious to taste the delicious results of your hard work and dedication.

El Copo 2016 left us a beautiful experience that had great contestants that included 53 flower samples and 22 extraction samples. Farmers from the Colombian Cauca, distinct regions of the coast, the interior of this wonderful country, and international locations had a presence in the event. El Copo 2016 truly marked a historic moment in our local cannabis culture.

Extractions have taken an interesting step in today’s cannabis culture. These are the reduction of the flower to oils, resins, or hash using different methodologies. The inclusion of these methods in El Copo 2017 will be stronger and those that love extractions will have a special place in the competition. We will recognize the merits and efforts of participants in that area.

The competition will be judged by a team comprised of national and international personalities highly recognized in the industry. During the 2016 event, we were blessed to have Mila Jansen (Polinator Company), Stephen Clarke (Havengrown), Mauricio Luporini (Cañabis Protectio) , Adrian Giraudo (Cañabis Protectio) , Miguel Moreno (Kumari), Pierre Diederichs (Omero El Farmero) and Guillermo Suárez (Weed Social Club).


Each participant has the right to present two genetics and an extraction.

Omero, El Farmero
- Convocation is only for growers, affiliates, and adults over 18 years of age.
- Each genetic should be presented in samples of 5 grams.
- Each extraction should be presented in samples of 1 gram.
- Two genetics and an extraction per participant.
- Registration and submission of samples will be through affiliated growshops.
- Sample entries will be received starting Janurary of 2017. El Copo | Cannabis Cup will provide the recipent at the moment of registration along with a welcome package.

¡Place your crop in movement!

Omero, El Farmero
Now that you have everything going, give your plant your all so that it can produce for El COPO. Manicure it, dry it, and cure it as a pro and look for be the envy of the cup.

Your greatest effort has finally placed you here...the result of so much love and work are summarized in the flower, that which has surpassed the first test.

Omero, El Farmero
The best copped flower has finally reach this point. Before being placed in the oficial receptable and submitted, it must have gone through intense work, beginning with being dried correctly, manicured, and cured so that it be shown.
Once EL COPO receives the recipient, it will not be opened until the event. Therefore, the perfection of the curation process is indispensible given that all flowers that produce fungus will be eliminated.

The moment of truth has arrived

Omero, El Farmero
On this day, we will provide a private space for all participating growers with the goal of showing, tasting, and socializing.

The prize is the motivation for the event.

Omero, El Farmero
Today we will know who was the flower that cropped THE CUP.
The prize ceremony deserves highlighting. We will have some surprises for you. This day, the event will be open to the general public. All of the cannabis community will be welcome.

el copo 2016

These images reflect what we lived and experienced during the first edition of the cup, whch took place on April 16 of 2016. It was a moment in history for the local cannabis culture. It was a peaceful event where we shared more than 70 samples of flowers and extractions that made it a day to remember.
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Let's remember the second day of the cup, Abril 17 2016.

conceptos a calificar

General aspects of the cup

There is a saying that everything begins with the sights. Here, that will not be all, but it will be an important factor for scoring.

Density and Volume

How dense are the buds naturally? How high is the density of the produced resin? These are two fundamental aspects of the profil of great genetics.

Aroma and Flavor

This is a tasting! Therefore, we cannot leave two great players aside: Favor and Taste. What taste! Does your flower have what it takes?

Green Taste

We all desire that first plan. Because of its taste and flavor, it is in this moment where we can live the moment and pleasure of its flavor.

Taste while in combustion

Only the best will be able to provide us with this! Pleasure in being able to enjoy great favor and a sensation in the middle of a build. When all taste like carbon and ash, only the best taste like glory.

Potency and Effect

Why do we study? Ehm,...I mean, why do we smoke? If we can't feel it, it is not good enough. We want to leave the cup high.
It may be the most beautiful of all, but without swagger, it won't cut it.
- Judges for Copa El Copo 2016. Medellín.


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Where and when will the cup take place?
Where and when will the cup take place?